About Us

Hey y'all!  And welcome to Whiskey Rose Company!

My name is Stephanie. I live in a po-dunk town in Northern Nevada but I'm from TX and will always be a country girl at heart.  I'm a turquoise lover and can't get enough well-fitting denim.  I love me some roses and even occasionally some whiskey (although my whiskey girl days are mostly in the past).  These days I'm mostly just trying to keep up with the never ending laundry and maintain some bit of sanity.  We do our best to maintain a healthy work/life balance so sometimes mama still gets to let loose.  

I am an acute care RN.  I absolutely love taking care of people and genuinely connecting in a meaningful way.  I have a 5yr old son, Wesley, and 3yo baby model, Whitney Jane (I have created a monster haha).  Being “mama” is the absolute light of my life. 

I started Whiskey Rose Company after having my son and wanting to stay home with him.  I also had trouble finding well-fitting, practical clothes to fit my new body! We started in what's now Whitney's room, and our growth has been mind-blowing.  I would've never guessed Whiskey Rose Co. would turn into what it has and mean what it does to my family. 

We outgrew the bedroom and moved into our first storefront in Jan of 2019.  In July of 2020, we moved into a bigger location with an attached warehouse.  Its just a couple minutes from home and my kids are still a big part of this business.  They have bikes in the warehouse and a table where they often come with me to work.  You might even get a package with excessive stickers on it - just know that's a little love from my babies - its their way of "helping" when they're here (and my way of keeping little hands busy)!  They are rowdy and loud and fun (but so am I) - and I wouldn't have it any other way.  


Kyle is my biggest supporter and main squeeze.  He is funny, crazy handsome, and most days my reason.  He takes the babies while I'm going Live and taking care of business in the evenings/on the weekends.  He travels with me, he listens to me when I'm nervous about the next step, and he has taken on the burden of chasing my CRAZY dream.  None of this would've been possible without his ongoing support.  He's also a real and honest opinion, so when I'm just not sure about something or maybe need to pump the brakes (sometimes I get over-excited..) he's my reality check.  I absolutely couldn't do this without him.

I have the love and support of my mom and sister too.  We are each women of different shapes, sizes, and lifestyles, so I really appreciate their input when making purchasing decisions and I take them on buying trips often.  You'll even see them modeling items for me from time to time.  I'm constantly asking their opinions and they are a huge part of the Whiskey Rose Co. behind the scenes. 

Anyway, enough about us!     

I'm in LOVE with these clothes. They're comfy and cute, and I can chase the kids around in them without feeling inappropriate.  I love connecting with other women and hopefully being a bright spot in their day.  

We have built a wonderful community of ladies and I'd love for you to join us.  Facebook.com/groups/whiskeyroseco.  I'm here for you.  I sell clothes because its fun.  But I'm here for you if you need anything!  

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.  We hope you find something you love!


Steph, Kyle, Wild Wes, & Whitney Jane & Baby T #3