Let's Welcome Heather to the Whiskey Rose Company Family!

This has been a long time coming.. I've stressed, worked, and put my all into this amazing business for years on my own, only bouncing ideas off my family (because, quite frankly, they're obligated), and talking Kyle's ear off about things.  He knows waaayyy more about women's clothing than he probably ever dreamed of.  Colors, textures, themes, we talk about it all (unfortunately for him, that'll probably never change).  He’s a fantastic, real, always honest resource. 

I've wanted a team member selfishly, another woman in the moment to bounce ideas off of, and someone to chat with about small decisions. Colors, fit, shape - a second opinion is always nice!  Not only this, but shipping, stocking, keeping up with the website and facebook group have kept me more than busy!  I desperately want to expand into Instagram and run some paid ads, but simply don't have the time doing that plus all that I'm already doing - on my own.  I cannot do everything.  Nor do I want to!

I'm not sure why I fought it for so long, probably because hiring an employee is a bit complicated.  Starting a business from the ground up is complicated, its all been complicated and a bit crazy.  There are no books (well there are but they’re not super helpful), no to-do lists (well, I have about 600), no real solid sources for help navigating the small business world for a first timer like me.  We have officially hired our first team member! What I do know is this has been the least stressful step. I cannot tell you the relief I feel knowing I have someone here I can trust to care for the shop and customers as I do. 

We are expanding every day. This will allow us to provide the best possible service to our customers.. This is GROWTH.  This is NECESSARY.  This is such a BLESSING.  We are so excited to add Heather to the WRCo. team.  

What this means to you, a valued Whiskey Rose Co. customer:

  • Improved shipping times (shipping will be her #1 priority, everyday)
  • Improved response times with email, PM, and facebook questions
  • Extended in-store shopping/local pick-up hours
  • More Live Sale times
  • More Wall Drops and Mini Videos

Things happened exactly how they were supposed to, and Heather has already proven to be a great fit for shop. 

Lets Talk about Heather: WRCo.'s 1st Retail Sales Associate!  

Heather is 24, and a dog mom to the cutest yorkie/shih tzu mix I've ever seen, Richie. She has experience as a pharmacy tech as well as in retail customer service.  She is a born and raised Nevadan and involved in the local Fernley community as well.  She loves teal, yellow, and coral (hello good taste) and is a fan of camo and southwestern prints (ummm yeah, I think she'll fit right in)!  Most importantly, she is as excited as we are. She has already helped me make some buying decisions and is finding her way around the endless clothes already. I enjoy working with her in the shop - we have the same taste in music so that helps! She is here, ready, and willing to help!  

Please help me welcome her and celebrate this milestone at Whiskey Rose Company!  

Heather, we're so happy to have you! 

XO, Steph & Kyle

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