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Compact Wireless Keyboard - Pink/White Marble

$49.00 $65.00

We use an ipad for checking out customers at the shop and I had to find a convenient keyboard that was also *cute* (duh).   

This little keyboard is such amazing quality and pairs effortlessly.  Charging is a breeze and only needs to be done very seldom - even with continuous use.  When folded up, its the same size as a smart phone and super light weight.  We love being able to stash it away easily and quickly when we need the counter space then open up and reconnect in a heartbeat when its needed.  

  • Pocket-sized when folded, functional and full-sized when opened up. 
  • Sturdy, tough aluminum shell protects the keyboard so its super portable.  Its also freaking BEAUTIFUL. 
  • Easily, quickly connects via bluetooth. 
  • Power that last - up to 60 days of battery power on standby and 2-3 weeks of continues use.
  • 5.5 inches folded up and 11.5 inches open & flat.

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