Aroma Freshie 11/15/22

Aroma Freshie 11/15/22 #2- Scent: Blueberry Pumpkin

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These are the perfect gift item (or special purchase for yourself)!  Make sure your car smells amazing and add a little cute embellishment to the rear-view mirror that makes you smile too.  Depending on size, scent, temperature, and use, our freshies last from 2-6 weeks.  These are hand made and each is unique and one of a kind. 

  • Each includes a hanging elastic - you'll want to tie to length once you have your freshie hung. 
  • Sizes vary and range from 3" - 6" and depend on shape chosen.
  • Packaged with scent, labels, and ready to gift. 
  • Freshies can melt in extreme heat - never place your freshie between the windshield and your sunshade and always move your freshie from direct sunlight when leaving hanging in your car in temps over 100 degrees.  
  • All freshies are final sale

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